Proel WX8A - Active 2-way coaxial stage monitor
Proel WX8A - Active 2-way coaxial stage monitor

Proel WX8A - Active 2-way coaxial stage monitor

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Proel WX8A
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System type2-way coaxial vented stage monitor
Low Frequency Device 8” woofer with 2"VC
High Frequency Device 1” compression driver with 1"VC
Angular Coverage 60°
Frequency response 80 Hz - 20 kHz
Max SPL at 1mt (peak) 122 dB
Amplifier Continuous Power 250W CLASS D with SMPS
Input Impedance 30 kohm balanced, 15 kohm unbalanced
Input Sensitivity  -10 dBu
Controls LEVEL, PRESET selector (MONITOR, FOH), GND lift
Power Supply 230 VAC or 115 VAC - 50/60 Hz
Rated Consumption* 200 W
Construction MDF with black anti-scratch polyurethane paint
Pole Adapter 1 x side
Handles 1 x side
Monitor taper 36°
Weight 8 kg (17.6 lb)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 325x336x233 mm
* Rated consumption is measured with pink noise with a crest factor of 12 dB, this can be considered a standard music program.

WX series stage monitors, with a perfect sound intelligibility, a high SPL and an ultra-compact format, can offer a professional yet affordable monitoring solution able to fit into stages of any size.
The transducers’ coaxial design not only provides an optimal HF and LF alignment and a controlled directivity for a perfect listening from any position, but it also helps to minimize the size of the monitor. The ultra-compact enclosures, with integrated handle and pole socket, have been designed to feature a very low profile and, therefore, a minimal footprint on stage. The cabinets are finished with extra-strong polyurethane painting, making them resistant to any abuse.
The lightweight 500W CLASS D amplifier module with SMPS provides a high output that results in an unexpected SPL for such small loudspeakers. The sophisticated analogue processing provides a detailed response, particularly in the vocal range, and a remarkable resistance to feedback. Two EQ PRESETS are available for the use of the speaker not only for stage monitoring (MONITOR), but also as a MAIN SOUND SYSTEM (FOH) if necessary.
The WX monitors are available in two models, offering the right solution for different monitoring situations. The ultracompact WX8A can provide a high-quality monitoring also in very small spaces and it can give its best with speech, vocals and acoustic instruments. WX10A, with a higher SPL and a full-range response, is ideal for vocals, guitar, horns and electronic instruments or as a monitor for DJs.

• Active 2-way coaxial stage monitor
• 1” compression driver with 1” VC
• 8” woofer with 2” VC
• 500 W total power
• Class D power amplifier with SMPS
• Dual LIMITER circuit
• 2 optimized EQ PRESETS for MONITOR or FOH (Front-Of-House) use
• SPL MAX 122 dB
• Frequency response 80 Hz - 20 KHz
• Ultra-compact, lightweight cabinet with black ultra-durable polyurethane paint
• Reinforced metal grille
• Recessed handle for easy transport
• Pole socket

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