About Us

Combining the mind of a technology innovator with the heart of a musician, our founder Sudhin Prabhakar kickstarted ProMusicals as a hobby music store while he worked his day job in his family industrial engineering company, all the while touring the country as a guitarist with several of india's top rock acts since the early 80's.

This unique combination of music/tech skills and experience allowed him to build the Indian Industry up from its primitive state in 1991 to where we stand today, as pioneers and award winning distributors in the MI, Live/Install Sound and Computer Centric Music Production Industry.

With over 40 internationally renowned world class brands choosing us as their exclusive distribution partners in India our ability to spot a winning brand/trend even before it becomes famous, is what keeps us at the forefront of the music & audio gear industry.

Our legacy is that almost all of today's big name stars, Sound Engineers, Recording Studios and Academy award winning musicians have something from us or even started their careers with our counselling and technology support.

Owned, run and supported by performing musicians, sound engineers and DJs allows us the unique ability to stay ahead of the competition white powering top brands into commanding market positions quickly, both online and offline.

Our mission is and will always be to provide Musicians and Audio Professionals with the best tools & technologies to craft their art.

We absolutely love what we do and it shows.