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Native Instruments announces Komplete 13

Native Instruments announces the latest version of their flagship production suite. Featuring brand-new additions, like GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, CREMONA QUARTET, ARKHIS, STRAYLIGHT, PHARLIGHT, MYSTERIA, NOIRE, and many more.

For 17 years, KOMPLETE has brought the very best from Native Instruments into a comprehensive production package for artists of every level and genre.

KOMPLETE 13 is the biggest collection yet, and is available in four sizes:
Select – 12 instruments, 4 effects, 5 expansions.
Standard – 52 instruments, 16 effects, 24 expansions.
Ultimate – 92 instruments, 26 effects, 39 expansions.
Ultimate Collectors Edition – 96 instruments, 26 effects, 73 expansions.

The latest generation sees some of Native Instrument’s biggest new releases join the lineup, including GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, CREMONA QUARTET (including STRADIVARI VIOLIN), ARKHIS, PHARLIGHT, STRAYLIGHT, MYSTERIA, SUPER 8, SESSION GUITARIST – ELECTRIC SUNBURST DELUXE, and NOIRE.

There are four new additions to the KONTAKT Play Series – BUTCH VIG DRUMS, LO-FI GLOW, MODULAR ICONS, and CLOUD SUPPLY.

The latest version also includes the CRUSH PACK, which puts a modern spin on distortion effects, as well as last year’s much-loved RAUM reverb.

Each bundle provides up to 90% off the price of the individual products, and as always, existing KOMPLETE users also have the option to save when they upgrade or update from their current version.

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