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Rombo Guitar Picks: Now available in India

Guitar picks are the bridge between you and your instrument. Like most of us, you surely spent a lot of time choosing your guitar, your favourite pedals, amps, and even the strings or the jack cable. But, what about your pick? You probably didn’t think much about it and you are using the same pick you used early in your career. The sound of an instrument depends highly on the kind of pick you are using.

Designed and Engineered in Germany. Rombo Guitar Picks are now available in India. Call/WhatsApp us at 9884304425 to talk to a Guitar product specialist and we'll help you choose the best product for your needs.

Micronodules Grip Structure
This grip structure feels great between your fingers

High-mirror Polished Pick Tip
Low friction, extra performance, and durability

Ergonomic Design Surfaces
Designs and colors inspired by nature

High-quality materials
High mechanical strength and stiffness

Variable thickness
The perfect balance between hold and attack areas

Unique designs
Designs and colors inspired by nature

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