Explore Aston Stealth - The world's most versatile microphone

Record an entire track using just (17) Aston Stealths

Many extraordinary claims have been made about the Aston Stealth microphone, and not just by Aston’s marketing team, but by artists, engineers, producers, and pretty much every respectable audio publication on the planet. It isn’t just that Stealth is one incredibly multi-faceted mic, but that it offers all its onboard options without compromising on sound quality. It’s not a jack of all trades, it’s a master of them. So, having claimed Stealth as ‘the world’s most versatile microphone’, we thought it was time to go out and prove it.

Aston Stealth Vocals

Aston Stealth Piano

Aston Stealth Guitar

Aston Stealth Drums

The Final Track

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