Austrian Audio launches Hi-X65

Austrian Audio has announced its first open-back circumaural headphones, which have been designed for the mixing and mastering workflows of studio professionals. - two critical listening applications for which the low-distortion nature of an open-backed design is ideal.

Delightfully revealing
We created our new Hi-X65 open-back headphones to reveal every nuance in the music you love. This makes them ideal for audiophiles as well as those with studio work in mind. With their superior high-precision and spacious sound, they fully satisfy the need for close, precise listening at all stages of the audio production process. And when the mixing and mastering is done, and recordings are released, the Hi-X65 deliver incredible detail, meaning music fans don’t miss a moment of their favourite music. High precision meets pure enjoyment Hi-X65 headphones are built around a driver that was first designed with open headphones in mind, and listening to them is like opening a new window on your music. The open-back design brings a natural and spacious sound, giving new clarity to the placement and character of its individual elements. Hi-X65 headphones provide a high-resolution, precise aural perspective and a critical new tool for professional mixing and mastering.

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