Novation - Circuit Rhythm reinvented with firmware 2.0

Bringing new life to beatmaking: Circuit Rhythm reinvented with firmware 2.0.

Circuit Rhythm’s 2.0 firmware update brings greater flexibility with beatmaking with editable Grid FX, Beat Match, Fixed Length Recording and Sample Record.

 Firmware 2.0 adds significant new features to Circuit Rhythm, making it more intuitive than ever to use. As such, we have updated the copy for Circuit Rhythm product listings with the new ways that owners can make music and create inspired performances.

 With the new Beat Match feature, Circuit Rhythm owners can speed their samples up or down to get drum breaks perfectly in time with their session and make beats flow seamlessly using two Beat Match pads in the Sample Mode Menu.

 Circuit Rhythm users can now record samples so that they’ll be perfectly in time with their current project with Fixed Length Recording. A new toggle in the Sample Record View lets creators choose between a fixed length sample recording of 8, 16, 32, or 64 steps.


New editable Grid FX allows beatmakers to take immediate control of every Grid FX parameter on the fly to give their beats new life. They can take their live sets the next level with temporary effects in Performance Mode or make permanent changes to samples in Edit mode.

 Muted track states are now stored with Scenes, so that Circuit Rhythm users can more easily arrange their track without the need to have any empty patterns in their project.

 New Sample Record functionality also opens new Live Looping possibilities for Circuit Rhythm. Circuit Rhythm users can now perfectly time sample lengths for easier chopping and make beats hit right on time. They can also resample loops from their current session and use them in other sessions for more seamless DJ-style transitions during live performances. 

Novation's Intuitive Creative Groovebox

 As ever, Novation continues to bring in new features to meet the demands of the Novation community and encourage artists to make music with Circuits in countless creative ways through firmware updates, giving owners continued reason to return to Novation for their music making needs.

 Circuit Rhythm continues to bring inspiration to their users and push the limits of their music. There are numerous sample packs available to download, including over 500 sounds across different genres. With new Novation 30th Anniversary packs containing exclusive curated samples, and How-To tutorials teaching creators how to bring out the best in their music, Circuit Rhythm creators can stay inspired and always feel that Novation puts their needs as first priority.

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