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Superstar DJs choose Focal Monitors

Focal Professional doesn’t stop seducing audio professionals and it shows! EDM superstar, David Guetta recommends Focal Studio Monitors to fellow DJs and Producers on his Instagram page after listening to the Focal Trio11 Be in action.

Steve Aoki, chose Focal Professional studio monitors to equip his studio in Las Vegas. This studio modeled as a ‘futuristic spacecraft’ is the second one of the artist equipped by Focal.

"I can build another studio somewhere else, at any size, and I know that the Focals are going to take care of it for me. It’s like the kind of thing where you’re like "holy shit, the speakers are incredible!" - Steve Aoki

Here's Hardwell, Dyro, and Dannic have to say about Focal.

"When I built my new studio, I was looking for the perfect speakers. I sought information and when I heard the Focal monitors for the first time I felt in love with them. Indeed, I never experienced a more honest speaker in my life. I mean that all the frequencies were perfectly balanced out. For me, as a producer, it is important that studio monitors sound well for every single genre. That is what the Focals do! Without a doubt, these are my perfect speakers I have heard to date." - Hardwell

"Focal speakers are a great asset for my new studio. The back panel is great for customizing them according to my personal preferences. I spend a lot of time in big recording studio's all over the world and the Focal monitors perfectly mimic the quality and feeling of those in these studios which is great!" -

"Since I use the Focal speakers, I can hear the different elements in my music much better. My mixes have been largely improved too. These speakers are awesome!" - Dannic

EDM stars like David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, and many more love and trust the sound of Focal to produce tracks that sound the same in the studio, in the club, or even at the biggest music festivals.

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