Tegeler Vocal Week 2021

Tegeler Vocal Week 2021. From 22nd to 29th November.

- Buy a 19 "device and get 1x Vocal Leveler VL500 (worth about Rs.60,000) for free
- Buy two 19" devices and receive 1x Vocal Leveler VL500 (worth about Rs.60,000) + 1x Tegeler Audio Mystic API 500 Box free

The offer is limited to one purchase per customer and is only valid while stocks last. So don't wait for too long and grab your favorite Tegeler devices before they are out of stock!

You are wondering: What is the Tegeler Audio Mystic API 500 Box? This is @tegeler_audio_manufaktur's next product release, planned for Q2 2022.
What exactly is behind the Mystic API 500 Box will be announced in mid-December. If you like nice surprises, you should definitely get the deal!
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