Eikon Monitors at 50% Off

Big profits on Eikon Monitors

Now you can save up to ₹21,000* (Pair) on Eikon studio monitors. All 4 models come with a 4-year warranty!

EK NF is the ideal near-field monitor solution for any kind of music production applications. From the carefully selected transducers to the proprietary enhanced waveguides and to the low resonance cabinet design, everything has been tailored to offer the best accuracy over the whole audio spectrum.

The perfectly optimized electronics, including highheadroom separate Class AB amplifiers for high and low section, high precision crossover networks and separate LIMITER circuits, provide maximum resolution and minimum listening fatigue.

EK5NF - ₹10,117 (each)

EK6NF - ₹13,500 (each)

EK8NF - ₹18,500 (each)

EK10SW - ₹20,562 (each)

If you're planning to set up a professional studio but don't know where to start. Call us at 9884304425 and we'll guide you. #EIkonIndia

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