Austrian Audio OC16 + Hi-X15 headphones

Take advantage of our special offer: buy the OC16 studio set and The Hi-X15 together at a discounted price.

This bundle is an excellent opportunity to add quality mics and headphones to any home or professional studio.

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The OC16 offers outstanding quality at a beautiful price point. Like the critically acclaimed OC18 and the OC818 models, the OC16 boasts a transparent and natural sound. It’s an extremely robust microphone equipped with a patented CKR6 ceramic capsule, handmade in Vienna. This mic is the perfect all-rounder for every studio. Thanks to Austrian Audio’s unique Open Acoustics technology, acoustic problems such as unwanted reflections and standing waves within the microphone are minimized and the mic delivers the familiar, open, and natural Austrian Audio OC (open condenser) sound.

The Hi-X15 Closed-back Over-ear Headphones are an ideal companion to the OC16. These headphones belong to the award-winning Austrian Audio Hi-X series, bringing the crystal-clear and precise listening experience of the proprietary High Excursion technology to everyday use at an unbeatable price. Super comfortable, durable all-metal construction, and with great insulation, they’re perfect for a studio, stage, rehearsal room, on tour, or practicing at home.

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