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Raven core station (Desk only)The Raven core station offers professional audio engineers with a complete production console ecosystem that is configurable to their needs with up to two world-class Raven touch panels, a Slate Control Monitoring system, an award-winning Raven software that turns all major DAWs into a world-class control surface. The core Station features a modular design t..

Rs.150,008 Ex Tax: Rs.150,008


Raven Mti2In the past decade, the technological revolution has transformed audio into a medium that is produced and delivered in the digital domain. Powerful Digital Audio Workstations have transferred the entire recording studio into a virtual environment where all elements of the studio appear conveniently on a computer screen. But what has been lacking with the modern digital studio, is the sam..

Rs.108,422 Ex Tax: Rs.108,422

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