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Fet compressor with tube saturationMonster Compressor 2 has been redesigned from the ground up to improve durability and sound quality. The Monster Compressor’s second generation features following upgrades:Grayhill switches with lifetime warranty6N2P NOS military grade electron tubesBurr Brown Sound + integrated circuit componentsIntuitive, soft deesser (compressor mode) for warm, deep yet silky ..

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The Crème combines a passive EQ based on the Pultec principle and a high end bus compressor in a single device.Many successful mixing engineers share one thing in common: They mix with a compressor and EQ in the master channel. The EQ is usually set to subtly boost the bass and treble, while the bus compressor compresses the sound by a couple of dB. This gives the engineer an idea of how the mix w..

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Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Schwerkraftmaschine
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Schwerkraftmaschine - The CompressorThe master of masteringWe have spent so much time planning, constructing, testing, programming, checking... and above all else, listening. This product incorporates the sum of all our expertise, combined with the feedback we got on the VTC. The result is a Vari-Mu compressor without equal. “The Compressor.” We are proud of the result and are delighted to be..

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