Wavebone Headquarter Full Size 88 Key Studio Desk - Wood
Wavebone Headquarter Full Size 88 Key Studio Desk - Wood

Wavebone Headquarter Full Size 88 Key Studio Desk - Wood

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Wavebone Headquarter - Wood
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  • Width (W): 158.7cm
  • Height (H): 75cm
  • Shelf Height (SH): 15.6cm
  • Depth (D): 80cm
  • Shelf Depth (SD): 34cm
  • Keyboard Width (KW): 140cm
  • Keyboard Depth (KD): 40cm
  • 6 Adjustable Keyboard Heights (KH): 51.5cm, 53.45cm, 55.4cm, 57.35cm, 59.3cm, 61.25cm

After continuous research and studies with music industry professionals, Headquarter™ incorporates knowledge from ergonomics, acoustics, and recording engineering to make studios better places for musicians.

Three large desktops offer enormous space for all your gears and tools.

Place your monitors, 17’’ laptop and all the recording toolkit in the right place. The independent keyboard stand is a sweet home to your gigantic 88 keys.


Musicians have long been bothered by failing to place their 88 keys into a typical keyboard tray. The adjustable design in 6 different heights allows musicians to set the height that best fits their keyboard and create enough knee space!


Sturdy Desktop
Made up of sturdy MDF boards, the desktops enable Headquarter™ to take everything you need. More than that, there are two different colors available!

Slide 88 keys Smoothly!
The one-way casters on the keyboard desk allow you to smoothly pull out your 88 keys, giving you fantastic music playing experience!

Strong Steel Body
Coated with ISO certified powder, Headquarter™ is equipped with a strong shield to protect it from wear and tear from your daily work. Along with specially designed structure and high quality steel, Headquarter™ is just sturdy enough for all your pro tools.

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