EFNOTE 7X Electronic Drum Set - Black Oak / Hardware Set
EFNOTE 7X Electronic Drum Set - Black Oak / Hardware Set

EFNOTE 7X Electronic Drum Set - Black Oak / Hardware Set

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EFNOTE 7X Electronic Drum Set - Black Oak / Hardware Set

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Incl. 2 snare stands, 3 cymbal stands

The Peak of Inspiration
When you need a top-of-the-line electronic drum kit that combines the comfortable playing experience and style of high-end acoustic kits with the precision and convenience of modern digital technology, look to the EFNOTE 7X from EFNOTE, a beautiful and versatile electronic drum kit with a modern 5-piece layout. The bold and stylish black oak finish provides the looks of a real, premium acoustic set, while the dual-ply, multi-sensor pads ensure detailed and responsive feel while playing, capturing every nuance of your strokes without hotspots.

This kit includes one 14" three-zone mesh snare with independent side-rim sensing, one huge 20" kick that supports single or dual kick beaters, one 11" basket-mounted rack tom, 13 and 15" floor toms, and an array of 360°, free-swinging, multi-zone cymbals including 14" hi-hats, a massive 20" ride, and a 16" crash. Uncommon to electronic drum kits, the pro-level EFNOTE 7X also includes a 17" FX cymbal with eight holes and realistic wobbling as well as an 8" splash that can be mounted directly onto the FX cymbal via the innovative STAK mounting system. With 100 kits and 128 high-quality, customizable acoustic instruments, you will never run out of inspiration, and the EFD-7X drum module is flexible enough to handle multiple applications, from training and lessons, to professional studio recording and stage performances.

Authentic Presence
Prove your musicality to the audience on stage with these beautiful, realistic looking e-drums that sport real birch shells and acoustic-style proportions for maximum comfort. The dignified black oak-style finish provides a low, wide, and bold silhouette and the true-to-life swaying of the full-sized cymbals visualize the killer sound you produce during your performance.
Tradition and Innovation
The EFNOTE 7X sports a modern yet classic setup with it's dual floor tom 5-piece design. The two floor toms with single basket-mounted tom is a popular style among modern drummers and allows for flexible cymbal positioning while keeping the player in clear view of the audience. With one holed FX cymbal, one crash cymbal, a large ride, and a versatile splash that can be mounted in multiple positions, this kit is easy to configure for optimizing your unique playing style or attaining a versatile array of sounds for any genre.
Sonic Textures of Vintage Drums
Vintage drum sets prized by collectors were newly recorded for the EFNOTE 7 and 7X. These kits contain attack and electronic kick elements that can be layered to enhance the sound. Dedicated remastering of the acoustic drum sounds further refines the tone for a truly realistic and expressive character.
Drums and Cymbals
17" FX Cymbal
A special feature of the EFNOTE 7X is the 17" holed FX cymbal. This cymbal replicates similar kinds of acoustic cymbals used in many modern drum kits for imparting a distinct array of accents on hits and creating unusual background textures or dynamics. This high-end cymbal has a light touch and true-to-life wobbling. The special surface design sports a dedicated dark grey color for distinguishing it from the other more common cymbal types and a hammered texture.
FX Cymbal Stack
This FX cymbal also represents the world's first STAK mount design, enabling one to stack electronic cymbals like many modern drummers do on acoustic kits. In the default EFNOTE 7X configuration, the included 8" splash cymbal can be stacked on the 17" FX cymbal for a true electronic FX cymbal tower.
Suspending the FX Cymbal
The STAK system also provides a suspended cymbal setting with clean wiring for more options when configuring your kit. Clear space and optimize your EFNOTE 7X the way you want, as the STAK system is flexible enough to cater to any play style.
Massive 20" Ride
The enormous 20" ride is a very special part of this kit. Drummers used to real acoustic kits will appreciate the large, realistic size, slow edge wobbling, and quick response of the bow/cup that truly feels like an acoustic ride cymbal. 360° free swinging and a responsive, thin edge further enhance the playing comfort, and a hammered texture surface might just make you forget you are playing an electronic kit.
High-End Hi-Hat Cymbals
14" top and bottom hi-hat cymbals sport the world's first multi-optical sensor to capture cymbal motions in 3D. Tru-Motion technology delivers a leap in expressive playing potential, and the cymbals possess a 360° free-swinging cymbal design.
Beautiful Cymbal Surface
All the cymbals are made with an elegant warm-gray surface with fine engravings. The clean silicone rubber surface is resistant to drumstick marks, providing durability for years to come.
9-Sensor Snare Drum
The 14x5.5" snare drum sports 10 adjustable lugs, a birch wood shell, and dual-ply mesh drum heads with a responsive feel. Multi-sensor technology avoids hotspots and provides a high-resolution sound. The snare drum supports very tight head tension tuning as well for bouncy and expressive playing.
Independent Side-Rim
The side-rim features a dedicated sensor for true-to-life rim shots and strikes. No switch operation is required and the elegant arc design is both attractive and easy to play on.
The Unwavering Confidence of a 20" Kick
The EFNOTE 7 sports a huge, highly realistic 20x15" kick drum with 10 lugs and a birch wood shell. The 2-ply mesh drum head provides accurate response from hits and is comfortable and stable during long hours of play. As with the rest of the kit, multiple sensors are built in for reliable detection of both single and double kick beaters.
Modern Dual Floor Tom Configuration
Sporting a 13x13" floor tom and a 15x15" floor tom, the EFNOTE 7X exudes a modern style, utilizing a configuration preferred by many modern drummers for it's convenience and ability to open the kit up for greater freedom of movement and cymbal placement. The floor toms both feature eight adjustable lugs, birch wood shells, and dual-ply mesh heads with multiple sensors for high-resolution sound with no hotspots. The drum heads are low-rebound and support low head tensions tuning.
Various Optional Components
The EFNOTE 7X is compatible with a wide array of optional components from EFNOTE that you can use to expand your kit in any way you can imagine. With such a vast ecosystem of off-the-shelf drum hardware available, you can build your kit however you like, to fit any need.
Sound Module
Ultracompact Sound Module
The ultra-small form factor of the EFD-7X sound module provides convenient placement without compromising on features. The metal chassis with aluminum finish is durable and the unit sports an intuitive touchscreen interface for easy access.

High-quality DAC and audio output circuitry ensure top notch sound, and the sound module also features a powerful headphone amplifier that delivers 320mW per channel at 32 ohms.

ELISE Sensing Processor
The advanced ELISE processor captures every intention from each stroke. Low latency, wide dynamic range, and consistent, stable sensing allow you to always translate every hit precisely the way you intended. The processor is optimized for the special multi-sensors in each EFNOTE drum and cymbal pad.
Full-Scale Acoustic Sound
The sounds in the EFD-7X are full stereo acoustic drum and cymbal samples recorded by EFNOTE for optimal quality. Tru-Aco sound technology provides truly realistic sound behaviors and the instruments sport raw sound without resynthesis, delivering the unprocessed sound of a real acoustic instrument.
Perfect for Training
The EFNOTE 7X is perfect for drum practice and lessons thanks to the handy training features built into the sound module.

  • Multifunctional metronome with beat LED indicator
  • Built-in metronome speaker for daily training without headphones
  • Onboard drum recording function for up to 15 tracks
  • Stroke analyzer 
  • Rhythm box feature provides over 90 basic drum beats 
Equipped for Recording
The EFD-7X supports full digital recording for using the EFNOTE 7 in any studio environment.

  • 8-channel multitrack audio output and 2-channel input playback over USB
  • Analog 4-channel audio output
  • USB MIDI I/O with individual MIDI channels
  • MIDI output via 5-pin DIN
For Small Gigs
The setlist feature enables you to configure your kit order with tempos for each song. The kick and snare can be output individually through the analog 4-channel output for better mixing during live performances. Click and the aux audio input can also be assigned only for headphones, so the only thing your audience hears is your killer drum playing.
Stroke Analyzer
The Stroke Scope displays your strike points on a timeline. You also get an Accuracy Score that estimates your strike accuracy for improving your playing.
Sound Edit
Dive into deep sound editing with the kit edit function. Tuning, muffling, reverb, and 2-band EQs for each pad let you heavily customize your kit sound.

With the pad layer function, you can overlay two sounds at once. The user instrument library enables you to store 128 customized instruments, and the dedicated level control screen provides precise adjustments of sound levels for optimal balance.

Flexible Audio Routing
The EFNOTE 7X not only features diverse I/O but also versatile routing options for handling any scenario.

  • 10-channel output buses
  • Output routing for each pad
  • Per-output assignable click
Bluetooth audio input allows you play along with Spotify, YouTube, and more via your smartphone or other wireless devices. The EFD-7X module also supports Bluetooth MIDI and you can use the EFNOTE Tools App-available for iOS and Android devices-for remote control of your kit.
EFNOTE Tools App
Carry Data with You
With the EFNOTE Tools App you can backup, restore, and share drum kit data or trigger settings with your smartphone. This feature can be used with any EFNOTE drum kit.
Get New Drum Kits
Visit the official Kit Library to get new drum kit data. You will find ideas that inspire your creativity and can greatly expand your kit sounds with new presets and tones created by EFNOTE.
Swap Sounds
The Swap feature makes it easy to swap each tom or cymbal sound for greater versatility. Change your setup and edit your kits to your hearts content for a layout that fits your preferred playing style.

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