EFNOTE PRO 707 Complete Set
EFNOTE PRO 707 Complete Set

EFNOTE PRO 707 Complete Set

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EFNOTE PRO 707 Complete Set
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EFNOTE PRO 707 Complete Set

The Stage Drums™

Included in the Kit


  • 1x Sound Module: EFD-PRO
  • 1x Kick Drum: EFD-K2015-WS
  • 1x Snare Drum: EFD-S1455-WS
  • 1x Rack Tom: EFD-T1180-WS
  • 1x Floor Tom: EFD-T1515-WS
  • 1x Hi-Hat Cymbals: EFD-H14
  • 1x Crash Cymbal: EFD-C16
  • 1x Ride Cymbal: EFD-C20


  • PRO 700 Box 1 & Box 2 & Box 3,
  • incl. 1x snare stand,
  • 2x cymbal stands,
  • 1x tom mount


  • 1x Rack Tom 10": EFD-T1070-WS
  • 1x Standard Cymbal 18": EFD-C18
  • 1x Cymbal Stand: EFD-CS5
  • 1x Tom Mount: EFD-TM5


  • 1x Rack Tom 8": EFD-T0865-WS
  • 1x Effect Cymbal 17": EFD-C17FX
  • 1x Splash Cymbal 8": EFD-C08
  • 1x Cymbal Stand: EFD-CS5
  • 1x Splash Cymbal Mount: EFD-SCM5


1x Floor Tom 13": EFD-T1313-WS

1x Standard Cymbal 18" Dark: EFD-C18-D

1x China Cymbal 18": EFD-C18CH

2x Cymbal Stand: EFD-CS5

Enhance the Stage

EFNOTE PRO is designed to digitize your drum riser, then elevates your stage.

By simply connecting up to 12 balanced XLR outputs to your stage snake or sound-board, you will be sending and receiving the highest quality drum sounds on the market with total consistency and perfect isolation.

No More Acrylic Panel

There is no need to isolate your drummer from the choir, acoustic instruments, your audience or congregation. Your drummer is now free to connect and engage with everyone!

EFNOTE PRO has eliminated mic bleed and feedback problems on-stage, creating the ideal FOH mixing environment with clarity, balance and control.

Stage-Box Reliability

EFNOTE PRO has eliminated the need to change mics or mic placement, tuning, head replacement and maintenance at every show.

Just assign its 12-ch balanced outputs, using stereo or mono sends, such as kick, snare, toms, cymbals, click and external sampling pad.

Each channel is equipped with HPF, 2-band EQ, individual compressors for Bus 1-6, and ground lift switches.

Flexibility for All Music

EFNOTE PRO supports 7 shells and 8 cymbals. All pads are individually wired, so players can adapt to any musical environment.

All sound settings can be quickly saved and loaded, for multiple players and set-lists at any time.

In addition, with 12-ch of multitrack USB Audio and 16-ch USB MIDI running simultaneously, a drummer, producer or mixer have quick access to editing, in order to meet artist’s budget requirements.


  • Innovative Two-Piece Design
  • The two-piece sound module provides both operability and expandability required by professionals
  • Low-profile and compact control surface with touch-screen full-color LCD
  • Floor-standing base unit with robust enclosure and reliable cable connections

Perfect Customizing

  • Mix and match the expansion packs and optional components to create your ideal set
  • Consistent pad design
  • Supports EFNOTE 3/3X/5/5X/7/7X pads

Beautiful Kit Images Inspire

  • Kit themes that highlight the musicality of each kit
  • Simple interface design for professionals
  • High-definition and high-brightness screen

Discrete Foot Stage Light

  • A footlight is equipped on the bottom of the control surface to help with setup and adjustment of the stage box
  • Great for dark stages
  • Adjustable brightness

Contains Legendary Drums Sets

  • The delicate resonance of aged shells are newly captured, recorded by EFNOTE
  • Raw and organic, NOT synthetic and electronic
  • Includes maple, birch, acrylic, steel, aluminum, brass, titanium shells, even a towel-muted sound

Diverse Cymbal Collection

  • Our mint selection, from bright and crisp modern sounds to dark and soft vintage sounds
  • Contains modern trash/effect/stacked cymbal sounds

Instrument Expansion

  • New sounds (drum sounds only) will be published on our web page and will be loadable

Overlay Tone (Layering)

  • Elements such as tambourines and EDM kicks can be easily layered over each drum sound
  • Attack Elements for reinforcing the attack
  • Percussion sounds
  • eKick, eSnare and eClap sounds

High-Powered Headphone Amp

  • 1x 1/4" jack + 1x 1/8" jack for headphones (can be used simultaneously)
  • Dedicated 2x headphone amp circuit for enough loudness
  • High quality DAC and audio circuit


  • 7 Shells and 8 Cymbals
  • Build a custom kit for any stage
  • 5x 2-zone input for toms
  • 6x 3-zone (including 3-zone hi-hat), 2x 2-zone input for cymbals
  • Traditional individual trigger connections (TRS), for professional reliability

ELISE™ Sensing Processor 2.0

  • We’ve evolved, delivering improved sensitivity for capturing your most delicate touch
  • The new algorithm for even more natural dynamics

Full Drum Pad Lineup

  • Birch wood shells and 2-ply mesh drum heads
  • Multi-sensor for hot-spotless and high-resolution sound
  • 20” and 16” kick drums
  • 14” and 12” snare drums
  • 8”, 10”, 11” rack toms
  • 12”, 13”, 15” floor toms

“World's First” Cymbal Pads

  • Tru-Motion™ 14” hi-hat cymbal
  • 8” to 20” full size cymbal lineup, the first of their kind
  • New 18” China cymbal and 17” effect cymbal with stackable/suspendable STAK™ mount


12-ch Buses to the Console

  • 12-ch buses, and 12x XLR balanced bus output
  • Dedicated bus compression for Bus 1 to 6
  • HPF and 2-band EQs for Bus 1 to 12
  • Stereo-Link for two adjacent buses

Ground lift switches

  • XLR Inputs from the Console
  • 2-ch Monitor In (XLR balanced) for monitoring return from the console
  • 2-ch Line In (TS unbalanced) for an additional sampling/percussion pad

Ground lift switch for Monitor In

  • USB 12-ch Multi-Track Recording
  • Simultaneous recording of 12-ch multi-track Audio and multi-track MIDI is available
  • Confirmed with major DAWs
  • 5-pin DIN MIDI Out


  • Wireless connection with a smartphone or tablet for playing along

(EFNOTE app will be available)

Centralized Volume Control

  • Simply press the left encoder knob to access the central volume management window
  • One-touch switching between Main L/R and Bus Mix L/R monitoring

One-touch mute for Monitor In

Graphical Bus Assigning

  • Graphical bus assignment helps you setup your intended routing correctly
  • All Pads can be assigned as both stereo and mono outputs
  • Click, Line In, and Monitor In can be set to a bus individually

    Bus Effect Overview

      • Allows viewing of each bus’s settings of effects and stereo link in one window
      • HPF, EQ, Comp, and Stereo-link can be selected ON/OFF at once

      Personalized Mix and Pre Mix

      • Bus Mixer function allows you to mix the 12-ch buses and monitor them with the best balance for the drummer
      • Pre-mixing for small stage, with EQ and compression before sending to the console for fewer audio channels

      Drum-Centric Bus Compression

      • Bus Compressor (for Bus 1 to 6) helps you dial in the sound, especially for non-robust PA systems
      • Designed with a focus on processing speed and accuracy
      • The attack time can be set to 0 ms

      Bus HPF and Bus EQ

        • Bus High-Pass Filter and 2-band Bus EQ (for Bus 1 to 12) allow flexible sound correction according to the PA environment

        Bus Gain Switches

        • If necessary, the signal-to-noise ratio can be improved by increasing the gain of each bus

        Output Management

        • Attenuator (up to -30dB) for XLR outputs
        • XLR 5/6 can output Bus Mix L/R instead of Bus 5/6 for a small mixer
        • XLR 1/2 can also output Main L/R instead of Bus 1/2
        • Rename-able bus labels
        HPF/EQ for Main L/R
        • High-pass filter and 2-band EQ are also available even when using Main L/R for 2-mix audio output

        Usability (Operation)

        • Swipe-Able Kit/Inst Change
        • Easily change kits/instruments by simply swiping the screen
        • Kit switching can be selected between two methods: swipe and touch

        Quick Tuning and Muffling

        • Even while playing, you can easily adjust the tuning and muffling
        • Cymbal tuning (pitch) and muffling (sustain) can also be changed

        Overviewing Pad Levels

        • Pad levels are displayed in decibels for proper adjustment

        One-Touch Recording/Playback

        • Easily record grooves and fills, when inspired
        • Record your beats and play them back to check the sound out in front
        • You can save/load the recorded drum-play data to a USB flash drive

        Set-List for the Show

        • Set-list feature enables you to configure kit order with tempo for each song
        • Each color of button and its description can be customized

        Flexible Metronome (Click)

        • Tempo setting in 0.1 increments
        • 7 types of click sounds
        • Store your favorite beat and recall it quickly

        Global Pan

        • Facilitates panning for all sound kits, coinciding with changing the drum setup
        • Panning can also be set for each sound kit
        • Control over your stereo image

        Assignable Knobs

        • The two left knobs can be assigned to functions you need while gigging
        • They can also be disabled to prevent accidental operation

        Customizable Kit Theme

        • Editable user kit theme including the text color and background image
        • Enhances visibility and musicality

        Intuitive Trigger Setting

        • The graphical trigger setting allows you to set the correct sensitivity
        • Simple and intuitive interface

        Load Settings According to the Gig

        • The sound and performance environment can be saved and restored for each gig, stage and player
        • A full backup is also available to restore all environments 

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