EFNOTE Mini - The Cutest EFNOTE
EFNOTE Mini - The Cutest EFNOTE

EFNOTE Mini - The Cutest EFNOTE

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EFNOTE Mini - The Cutest EFNOTE

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Welcome to the "mini-Verse"

EFNOTE mini, even more downsized than our EFNOTE 5 compact drums. We’ve packed the best performance into the smallest size, making it irresistible.

You will be amazed and in love with mini.

No Compromises

Experience the sound and playability of EFNOTE, the new market leader.

We have designed these tiny little drums using our many forward technologies and high quality, shared in our professional lines.

FUN Measures Up

EFNOTE mini is also the perfect way for kids to really enjoy drumming.

Let them touch real musical instruments from an early age to develop their sensitivities and musical taste. Set an early standard of quality, scaled to fit their smaller frames.

Small Drum Life

We believe beautiful drums can put a smile on your face, and the graceful presence of EFNOTE mini will change your everyday space into an inspiration.

Young or old, you will always long for your happy place.

For Skilled Drummers

EFNOTE playability with the highest ratings on the market

Non-virtual, real drum/cymbal sounds with the highest quality

Beautiful shells will never be cutdown like pancakes because of cost

Clean warm-gray 12" 2-piece hi-hat and 16" ride cymbal

Recommended for Kids!

Hardware can be set lower for children

Adjustable pad sensitivity

Prevents hearing loss that can occur with acoustic drums

Mesh drumhead and silicone rubber cymbal surface reduce arm fatigue

Full-Scale Sound from the mini

From 18" to 22" bass drum sound

From 6" to 16" tom sound

From 8" splash to 21" ride cymbal sound

True Sound Collection

Newly recorded vintage drum/cymbal collections, including 12" maple snare drum and 10" crispy hi-hat

Reproduces raw drum sounds and ambient perfectly

All of acoustic drum/cymbal sounds are delicately recorded and mastered by EFNOTE ourselves

0.8m2 Changes Everyday Life

115 cm x 70 cm = 0.8 m2

(3.8 ft. x 2.3 ft. = 10.6 sq.ft.)

Without drum throne.

The installation size depends on the setting.

An irresistible experience in a tiny space

Great for small stage such as cafe, bar, party

Smaller than conventional entry-level e-drums

Ready to Go!

Easier, Lighter, Faster

Simple and minimal, but the best for your special moments

For all small stages, such as wedding parties and café concerts

Glamorous White Sparkle Shells

Real birch wood shells

Multi-sensor for hotspotless and high-resolution sounding

14x10" kick drum

10x4.5" snare drum (head/rim/side-rim)

8x6.5" rack tom (head/rim)

10x10" floor tom (head/rim)

Gentle Colored Cymbals

Elegant warm-gray surface with fine engravings

Multi-sensored 360° play/choke area

12" hi-hat cymbals (360° bow/edge)

8" splash/crash cymbal (360° bow/edge)

16" ride cymbal (360° bow/edge/cup)

2nd Crash Upgradable

+ 18" Cymbal

16" crash & 18" ride combo + 14" Cymbal

14" crash & 16" ride combo + 8" Tom

Two-up / one-down style

One additional pad can be connected.

The additional pad is sold separately.

Easy Operation

Touch screen intuitive user interface

Graphical preset kit themes that inspire performance

Simple and clean design


Bluetooth® audio-in allows you to play along to Spotify™ / YouTube™ with your smartphone

USB (C type) supports 2-in/8-out audio and 16ch MIDI for multi-track recording on your Mac/PC

3.5mm (1/8") headphones output

3.5mm (1/8") audio input for audio players

2x 1/4" phone line-out for loudspeakers

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