Steven Slate Audio VSX Modeling Headphones - Essentials Edition
Steven Slate Audio VSX Modeling Headphones - Essentials Edition

Steven Slate Audio VSX Modeling Headphones - Essentials Edition

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Steven Slate Audio VSX 2 Essentials Edition
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  • Open/Closed: Closed
  • Fit Style: (Circumaural) (Around the Ear)
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 37 ohms
  • Cable Type: Detachable straight cable with gold-plated contacts
  • Cable Length: 2 meters (6.5 feet)
  • Plug Size: 1/8 inch with 1/4 inch gold-plated adapter
  • Color: Onyx/Galaxy Black


  • Software Type: VSX
  • Platform: Mac or PC
  • Upgrade/Full: Full
  • Download/Boxed: Download
  • Bit Depth: 64-bit only
  • Format: VST, AAX Native, AU 
  • Hardware Requirements – Mac: MacOS 10.10 or above
  • Hardware Requirements – PC: Windows 7 or above
  • RAM Minimum: 4 GB

The Ultimate Mix Reference Headphones Starter Pack

Few things are more frustrating than attempting to mix in a room with poor acoustics. Steven Slate Audio's VSX Essentials Edition is a value-laden, stripped-down version of the company's full-blown VSX modeling headphones package, and it's the perfect solution to this age-old dilemma. Not only does the VSX Essentials Edition includes the same modeling headphones as the full-sized package, but you also get a well-chosen sampling of virtual reference spaces. This sonically neutral headset boasts beryllium drivers for an ultra-detailed sound, while a patented APS system harnesses air pressure to optimize your low end. A pair of Steven Slate Audio VSX headphones is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of studio life. It can survive sweat, humidity, drops, temperature, and extended high-volume listening. A no-tangle cable rounds out the VSX's generous features set. Simply put, if you're struggling against a poor mixing environment, you need Steven Slate Audio's VSX Essentials Edition. It's guaranteed to elevate your mixes.

VSX software provides a pro mix environment and a myriad of reference sources
Mixing in a subpar acoustic environment is an exercise in frustration. After all, you can't trust what you hear. That's where the VSX Essentials Edition comes in. This state-of-the-art set of headphones takes the room out of the equation using authentic-sounding digital re-creations of world-class studios, car stereos, nightclub sound systems, high-end headphones, and more. The engineers here at Sweetwater not only appreciate how the VSX Essentials Edition gives us the ability to mix in a fine-tuned pro-level room, but also how it puts a useful cache of reference sources at our disposal. Getting mixes to translate has never been easier!

Cutting-edge design ensures linear, detailed response and rock-solid low end
Even without all the bells and whistles, the VSX is a superb set of headphones. Lightweight beryllium hybrid drivers deliver a flat, linear, detailed response, while a patented Acoustically Ported Subsonics (APS) system leverages air pressure to reproduce low frequencies with extreme detail. Even before you bring VSX's revolutionary binaural perception modeling software into the fold, you'll experience your mixes in a whole new way.

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Included models:
Steven's Private Mix Room
Sonoma Studio
Luxury SUV Sound System
LA Nightclub Sound System
4 Pairs of Modeled Popular Studio Headphones
2 Ultra-flat Custom Headphone Models

Steven Slate Audio VSX Essentials Edition Features:

    • Top-shelf set of studio-quality closed-back headphones
    • Contains a well-chosen sampling of virtual mix spaces from the full-sized VSX package
    • Beryllium drivers produce an ultra-detailed sound
    • Patented Acoustically Ported Subsonics (APS) system harnesses air pressure to optimize your low end
    • Can survive sweat, humidity, drops, temperature, and extended high-volume listening
    • Includes a no-tangle 1/8-inch cable,1/4-inch cable adapter, and carrying case

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