Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Vari Tube Recording Channel VTRC
Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Vari Tube Recording Channel VTRC

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Vari Tube Recording Channel VTRC

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Vari Tube Recording Channel VTRC
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You have experience with digital music production and with handling plug-ins but are aspiring to reach the professional league? 

The digital sound editing of voices and solo instruments makes sense if you want to work mobile in the pre-production stage or want to quickly test certain equalizer or compressor types using their digital clones. 

During the completion of your mix with the plug-ins, you realise that recorded voices don’t become prevalent, don’t integrate into your mix and clearly sound adapted.

Maybe you made the right decision in quality and bought a good microphone, however a premium mixing console is, to continue with quality, outside of your budget.

So far, you have vainly looked for a solution to that problem. A combination of a premium pre-amplifier, compressor and equalizer whic his made up of the finest components is available in only one piece of equipment and for an exceptionally fair price that is reachable for studios projects.

We at Tegeler Audio Manufactur as musicians had the very same problem and therefore shifted our focus towards the development of such a device. The VTRC. The Vari Tube Recording Channel gives your recording the most up market boutique sound and confident powers of self-assertion, while at the same time creating a perfect integration into the mix.

The device will astonish you with its sound results that are accredited to other high end devices within the top price range when used during blind tests.

It is the first sound refiner worldwide which allows for the combined operation of vari-q and optical compression and therewith offers a sound-spectrum ranging from clean precision to a silky warm vintage sound.

The VTRC absolutely convinced us and that is why we offer you to try out this device without any obligations for 14 days. Simply sign up at the above link and the VTC will be delivered to you on the same work-day (if available).

Key Features

  • Tube device (3 Triodes)
  • Class-A circuit
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20.000 Hz +/- 1,5dB
  • Stepped Potentiometers
  • Transformer balanced inputs and output
  • Internal power supply with toroidal transformer
  • Height: 132mm (3U), width: 483mm, depth: 250mm

Microphone Preamp
  • Microphone preamp with transformer / 48V / Phase
  • True 48V phantom power
  • Phase switch
  • High-impedance instrument input(100 kOhm)
  • Character changeable from clean to fat

  • Low-cut: 80-160Hz
  • Low-mid boost: 80-120-200-300-500-700-1000 Hz
  • Mid-cut: 200-300-500-700 Hz 1-1,5-2-3-4-5-7 kHz
  • High boost: 1,5-2-3-4-5-7-10-12-16-20-24 kHz

  • Opto compressor
  • Vari-Tube compressor (vari-µ)
  • Soft-Knee
  • Program-adaptive attack and release timing

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